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Christopher E. Lowman - president and founder

After a life-changing trip to Rwanda in 2009, where Christopher provided care to a group of orphan children who survived the country’s ‘94 genocide, he gave up his life in the US to pursue a life of full-time service to humanity—and hasn’t looked back since.

From there, Christopher traveled to west India, where he wound up living in an impoverished leprosy community, serving its residents — particularly the younger generations — in numerous capacities for nearly three years. It was in this challenging, unpredictable, and utterly foreign environment that his perspicacious development skill and understanding was honed, which can best be summed up in a phrase he often employs, “Service just because.”

By chance, or perhaps by fate, Christopher was connected to NGO and community leaders in Nairobi, Kenya, who he has collaborated with since 2012. Together, they have brought the opportunity of education to one of the city’s harshest, most neglected slums and set the stage for a dynamic community center to serve a vulnerable population of orphan children in a remote rural area near the Ugandan/Tanzanian border.

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Ilaha Omar - board member

Against the backdrop of the Soviet invasion in the early ‘80s, Eli and her family fled Afghanistan and headed towards an unknown future, seeking security. After a long and demanding journey, she has established herself as an experienced Afghan-American female entrepreneur and founder of a successful technical staffing company, who looks to provide comfort and care to those in desperate states of need, particularly women and girls.

Eli has spearheaded five successful humanitarian relief missions in post-earthquake Haiti; collaborated with Children of War Foundation to provide operations to children with life-threatening deformities; and, has escorted and hosted young Afghan amputees during their prosthesis treatments in the US.

Eli is currently spearheading Afghanistan’s first self-sustaining community and residential center that is intent on serving the special needs of orphans, abandoned children, and adults living with disabilities. IG: @miss.eli____


Ali, Atman, Andres (“AAA”) - board members

aka the dynamic founders of the Holistic Life Foundation (HLF).

The HLF is a Baltimore-based 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities via yoga, mindfulness practices, and self-care.


Bert Fellows - board member

Bert has been supporting Mahtabe’s work since the beginning and, as the elder, provides grounding insight for all of its undertakings.

After a distinguished career as a psychotherapist in private practice, Bert is enjoying a contemplative and philanthropic life of retirement with his family in Kentucky.


Hon. Jared Akama - sr. advisor, kenya projects

From humble beginnings in rural Kenya, to NGO leader, to his current post as a Member of County Assembly (MCA) in Nairobi, Jared is emblematic of a new generation of Kenyans “being the change” in a country that, day-by-day, is transforming itself into a beacon of progress on the African continent.

Having rolled up his sleeves and worked on the successful implementation of numerous holistic development initiatives in low-income areas, including the infamous Kibera slum, Jared knows how to get results in adverse circumstances and manage competing interests.


Chryspin Afifu - advisor, kenya projects

Chryspin is adept at linking theory with practice, compassionately engaging community members from all socio-economic backgrounds, and solving grassroots development challenges.

With a background in Social Anthropology and Gender Studies, Chryspin has a natural affinity for people from rural areas, inner cities, and marginalized communities. He always seeks to understand their way of life first, before recommending or initiating change measures.


Ulrich Bold - organizational advisor/advocate

Ulrich is a practicing Kriya Yogi who, since 1995, devotedly offers clarifying healing and counseling services worldwide.