character = fate

Values = Character


Earth First.

Live in harmony with nature → love naturally flows → peace among people. It is that simple.

Love What Is.

Because everything is of mixed quality — you can find right in wrong and wrong in right — we learn to give up our notions of the way the world “should” be and begin to see beauty everywhere, even in densely-populated urban slums. Why fix, when you can serve?

All is Well.

Or, seeing the total perfection of the moment. If the moment is perfect, then nothing is lacking and there are no problems to be solved (and no world that needs change). What space can our service flow from now?

Service Before Self.

“I must provide for myself.” This one flawed assumption is the root of all competition, conflict, and war. What happens when you seek to serve others before your own self, while understanding every need brings what’s needed?

Simple Living, High Thinking.

Or, the case for the village life. What we have now is complicated living and low thinking — to what effect? Our material needs are basic, our inner needs for meaning and fulfillment are far greater. Can we build on that?


What happens when aid work becomes a joy-filled expression of the heart? The lines between giver and receiver merge and projects find effortless impact and sustainability.


We are not about the numbers, we are about the stories. While numbers stand to impress, it is the stories that inspire.


Who says impact always has to strike like lightning and make headline news? Can’t a gentle breeze be just as powerful—or, more powerful?


Service is not something you do, it’s something you are and, ultimately, is a vehicle for self-understanding. While outcomes are important, they pale in comparison to the transformative power of the service journey.