Malezi 3.0 First Look

Christopher E. Lowman

I met Elijah Pearce, a Santa-Barbara based architect with the RRM Design Group firm, in 2012 during a speaking tour I was conducting. He approached me after a gathering and generously offered his services to any project of mine that could be benefited by his expertise.

It was around that time when the dream was born to completely rebuild the Malezi School in Nairobi, which used to look like this.

Malezi School, circa 2013

Malezi School, circa 2013

Can you believe that was a school?

My partners in Nairobi and I envisioned a larger, 2-story structure with enough space to accommodate 200 students (and have windows!) across the varying grade levels.

For whatever reason, Elijah came to mind and I asked if he could draw up a visualization of the new school to assist us with our fundraising efforts because actually seeing your idea really helps people get a visceral feel for the project.

It just so happens that he specializes in concept visualizations and, with very minimal input from me, put together this rendering of Malezi 2.0 (which ended up being relatively close to what we built).

Malezi 2.0 - Concept Design

Malezi 2.0 - Concept Design

I was absolutely blown away by what Elijah created. It was clear he gave us the same time, care, and effort he would have given one of his firm’s high-paying clients.

After a year-long fundraising drive, where I used this graphic extensively, the necessary funds were raised to build the new school, which ended up looking like this.

Malezi School 2.0 — 2014

Malezi School 2.0 — 2014

Malezi School 2.0 - 2017

Malezi School 2.0 - 2017

Now, after several years and one expansion, Malezi has again run out of space and is need of an upgrade.

This time, my partners and I are dreaming even bigger and envision building a formidable, 3-story brick and mortar structure that can accommodate more students, in a more dignified way, and that is setup for the long-term.

Even though we had not spoken in a couple of years, Elijah responded to my email right away and was receptive to working on new concept visualizations for what we are calling Malezi 3.0.

And… here they are…

Malezi 3.0 — perspective
Malezi 3.0 — aerial

Since we had already consulted with a local contractor, we were able to give Elijah more detailed dimensions and an exact layout for the building. What you see here will be very close to what we end up building.

Fundraising is about to get underway to make the Malezi 3.0 dream come true. Wish us luck! The time has come!


The cost to fund Malezi 3.0 is just south of $100,000. Our budget can be viewed online here.
You can be a secure online donation
here, or be in touch to discuss the project further.

You can be in touch with Elijah to discuss your own project, or view his portfolio here.