it’s true

Solving poverty is easy.
Here’s how (and where we focus).


improve your values, improve your fate.

Again and again, education — the journey of answering questions — has proven to be the master key that ends the vicious cycle of poverty.

Mahtabe specializes in the creation of grassroots schools, youth learning journeys, as well as
awareness campaigns that incorporate values-based personal transformation.


because dignity matters (a lot).

Toilets, waste-disposal systems, clean drinking water and the like — these are the necessities required for the basic running of any society. Without them, public health is put at risk and, more subtly, people feel robbed of their dignity, leading to desperate acts.

Mahtabe partners with community leaders to develop needs-based solutions that address infrastructure deficiencies and, further, sees these initiatives as opportunities to constructively engage residents to
become local leaders of change.


Income Generation
a rising tide lifts all boats.

When you can barely afford to eat and do not see viable ways to improve your fate, this is when crime and various “shortcut”-taking strategies emerge. Most people wish to provide for themselves and their families in wholesome, dignified ways and may even have good ideas for how to do so. They just need a help getting started — and more than that, somebody who sees their intrinsic worth and humanity.

Mahtabe provides seed funding and co-creative oversight to self-starters and entrepreneurs who are ready to be the change they wish to see in their world.